free stardoll nail polish cheat

30. října 2011 v 11:37

There's new Polished in Starplaza. .like the new colors. ..there is also a FREE polish nail for Royaltymembers only. .i think it looks kind of cool. .
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1)Join this club: You should have a Shake it Up bag in your suite, open it, Interior will appear in Room Design [:
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i think this works in ALL countries, if you are from Mexico click HERE if you are from the USA click HERE if you are from Norway click HERE i don't know about the .
To protect yourselves from scams made by people claiming to be stardoll staff a badge has been added to the real staff's pages. If someone for example pops .
Sorry about that litttle thing on the side of the page! i dont know how to get rid of it! its covering the edit button! But the site still works lol!
If you join the club, you will get the folder, other items will be given when club will reach the

free stardoll nail polish cheat

amount of members, if you haven't yet joined - join as soon as .
Stardoll has added a new feature, now we can decorate our nails!
Hey everybody! Here is your third task. The people who help others survive are just as important. Doctors Without Borders is an organization that helps people in need .
I thought that a new Sprinkled store was coming, but I was wrong.. it's actually a new store called Tiptoe free stardoll nail polish cheat that is coming soon! What do you think?
-If you aren't from Sweden, Follow these steps to get it: 1) Go to Swedish proxy like. OR OR
-If you are
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